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Ice cream is an essential addition to many desserts. Having to find a non-dairy or vegan ice cream can be rather difficult. Well, look no further! We have a most delicious solution for you…  with an array of different flavours: Summer Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Maple & Pecan, Passion fruit & Chocolate; Jollyum is a great choice!

Through the creamy and indulgent taste, each spoonful bursts with powerful flavour. Whatever the time of year, from a cooling summer treat to a festive winter delight, Jollyum will always be in season! If you’re avoiding dairy, do not worry! Each individual tub of ice cream is made from soya extract from skinned soybeans and is a truly delightful luxury.

Jollyum ice-cream is free from lactose, gluten, egg, GMO and artificial flavourings and colourings. This makes it suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and those with dairy, gluten and egg intolerances and allergens. We at Honest Eats are extremely pleased to have found Jollyum and are delighted to help them get their ice-cream around the country direct to your door.
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Jollyum have created some amazing recipes with their ice-creams. We absolutely love their healthy dairy-free shakes here!

Whether you are looking for a vegan alternative, dairy-free or just something different, we are sure Jollyum will be your ice-cream of choice! All flavours are available in both 125ml and 500ml sizes.

Browse the range of Jollyum here!

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