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At Honest Eats, there’s more to us than delicious foods. We know it can be tough to find a suitable alcoholic beverage if you live with a free-from diet, particularly if you’re partial to the odd pint or two. It can be notably harder for vegetarians to find a tasty alternative that not only quenches your thirst but doesn’t break the bank either.

Thanks to our partnership with Dark Star Brewing, we’re delighted to bring you Hophead: a tasty, full bodied vegetarian-friendly beer that’s sure to become a firm favourite in no time.

Based in the heart of West Sussex, and neighbouring our very own Honest Eats HQ, Dark Star has been producing tasty beers, lagers and ales since 1994 and openly admit their success has all been a bit of a blur. With a sturdy, loyal following and fantastic reputation, not just locally but nationwide, we couldn’t be happier to offer you the chance to taste their solo free-from bottle for yourself..partnered with one of our gluten-free pasta dishes or dairy-free desserts of course!

The process of brewing beer is what makes most brands unsuitable for vegetarians, as detailed by Nick from Dark Star Brewing:

“Like many other cask ale producers, Dark Star don’t filter their beer at the end of the production process. When beer is left unfiltered, the yeast used in the brewing process remains suspended in the beer and creates a cloudy appearance, which can be cleared using isinglass finings produced from the swim bladders of fish. Bottled Dark Star Hophead is held in a conditioning tank for an extended period of time to allow the yeast to drop out without the use of Isinglass, making the beer suitable for consumption by vegetarians.”

So if you’re a vegetarian on the hunt for a tasty new beer for your next BBQ, party or quiet night in, we couldn’t recommend Dark Star’s delicious Hophead more!

Bottles of Hophead beer on table


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