Organic and Yeast-free Pane Azzimo Recipe


Here at Honest Eats we love to experiment in order to maximise the flavour in each of our recipes; our organic and yeast-free Pane Azzimo is a perfect example of that. At this time of the year it’s essential to have a refreshing but nutritious lunchtime meal. Made with unleavened grained bread, each layer is filled with a selection of vegetables so each bite is sure to be unique.

Preparation time: 10 minutes. Cooking time: 15 minutes. Difficulty: very easy. Serves: 4.



Pepper courgette on the grillpesto on pane azzimopesto and veg on pane azzimo

stack of pane azzimoolive oil over pane azzimofinished product

Wash and dice the vegetables into small pieces about a half a centimetre cubes.

Heat the oil in a frying pan and add your diced vegetables.

Stir them well until they are half cooked, then add the herbs, salt and pepper.

Keep stirring until fully cooked. Once cooked allow to cool.

To build your tower take one slice of Pane Azzimo and spread the pesto on top.

Place over it a spoon full of your vegetables and sprinkle with the feta cheese, sunflowers seeds and olive oil.

Repeat the sequence twice more to obtain three layers.

On top of the last layer just decorate with a few vegetables, feta cheese and oil.

Serve cold and enjoy!

pane azzimo final

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