Honest Eats Gluten-Free Survey


Honest Eats are pleased to announce that their survey results have now been released. At Honest Eats we feel it is extremely important to keep up to date with our customers’ needs and will always be happy to receive your feedback.

Surveys make up a part of this and almost 1,800 people participated in our most recent survey supported by The Gluten Free Centre. Many thanks go to all those involved. Our key findings are as follows.

  • 54% of respondents do not buy free-from foods specifically for an intolerance. They said that they eat free-from foods ‘as part of a healthy and balanced diet’ or because it made them ‘feel better’.
  • Most shoppers struggle to find the free-from goods they want. 91% of respondents to Honest Eats’ survey said that they have struggled to find free-from alternatives.
  • Overall gluten-free alternatives just don’t taste as good. 83% of respondents in the survey agreed and said that it is ‘true’ or ‘sometimes true’ that free-from products currently on the market compromise on taste.

The full results

We believe that it is necessary for the food industry to continue to support people’s food choices and those who may choose their food from necessity or otherwise. We will continue to source quality products to include within our ranges at honesteats.co.uk.




We hope that you enjoy our products and will review them to help others decide on their choices, and any feedback you wish to give us about our products or website is also very welcome.


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